Advertise like
a goliath

For every small or medium sized business out there, there’s also a giant. A giant competitor, with a giant ad budget.

Well, it’s time your Goliath met davie. A simple to use, self-serve advertising platform, leveraging AI Technology, and built 100% for smaller businesses. To get more return on less budget, with smarter localized targeting, and marketing tools that were once only available to the big guys.

Because with the right aim, small is powerful.

And with davie, any sized business can advertise like a goliath.

Learn about davie with this short video

How davie helps

Get the tools you need to take on the big guys.

davie makes advertising on multiple channels easy for small businesses.

AI assisted campaign management tool

davie lets a business owner create great campaigns without having to be an computer genius.

Our davie AI-assisted campaign management tool provides your small businesses with the same level of sophistication and performance as a larger organizations, without the need for a large budget or a dedicated team of experts. By automating difficult tasks, optimizing campaigns, and giving your great advice, davie will help your small businesses reach your marketing goals efficiently and effectively.

Why you need davie

Google Ads can be challenging for beginners because it requires knowledge in areas such as keyword research, campaign creation, ad copywriting, bidding strategies, and performance analysis.

The interface is complex, and technical knowledge is needed to use it.

Finding the right keywords and creating compelling ad copy can be difficult.

Bidding strategies and performance analysis require expertise.

Programmatic advertising can be difficult for beginners because it involves complex technology and requires knowledge of data analysis, targeting, bidding strategies, ad creation, and performance analysis. Understanding the technology and tools, creating effective targeting and bidding strategies, creating compelling ads, and analyzing campaign performance require expertise
Programmatic advertising allows for dynamic graphic ad creation and customization, but creating effective ads that resonate with your target audience can be challenging for novices who are not familiar with design principles or copywriting techniques.
nalyzing the performance of programmatic ad campaigns and making data-driven decisions to optimize results requires expertise in data analysis and an understanding of key metrics such as viewability, engagement rates, and conversion rates.

just to name a few reasons.